I’m going to state something very obvious:

Both men and women have nipples. 

So, why does instagram require us to blur ours? Why can men go topless at practically any moment, but we are scandalous in every context? Why do most of us support the free-the-nipple movement, but are worried about the repercussions of participation? 

The oppression of women takes many forms, one of which is the notion that our bodies alone are pornographic. Fear, stigma, societal norms, danger, and misinformation work together to create a narrative that tells us our bodies are sex itself—provocative, offensive, and disorderly even when we nurse our own children. 

So apparently to show a nipple crosses the line into obscenity. But this line is ever-shifting and only based on what we consider “normal”.

It’s time the female nipple gets “normalized”

because a nipple alone is not pornography—it’s not even gendered. 

because we all have them, only women are shamed for it.

because people only think about hypocrisy when they are exposed to it.

And so, I propose EXPOSURE THERAPY :

Fighting the oppression of the female body and the double standard by putting nipple stickers everywhere!

Thank you for doing this with me! I only ask that you send me some pics of where you put these — I will include them on the instagram account, and I am creating a zine/sticker-book and website. 

Send images to exshaps35@gmail.com 

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