The below statement and the retouched photograph originally among the prints confiscated, were posted on Facebook and Instagram following the described incident.            This event, coupled with this past year, has enlightened me to my duty to stand up for myself, my body, and my fellow feminists. My tool is my body, and the artwork I make with it.


"On Monday, February 20, 2017, Walmart confiscated and shredded my prints for my artwork due to a mysterious policy involving "nudity" that they could not show me or explain. They also told me they "usually call the police". I've printed there from a personal kiosk for my artwork many times without incident previously. There is no information available to customers or online about this policy, except a vague qualification of "Offensive" items in the Walmart Prohibited Products page of the Walmart website. I understand potential confusion but I am very tired of double-standards on male and female bodies, and the generally accepted body shaming of both nude forms. I use my body for my work with intention, with authority, and proudly. For this image I've posted, I have blurred out the Offensive Bits to make this an officially "acceptable" print that would most likely Still be confiscated from me in process. But why?

Nudity is not pornography, and Nakedness is not shameful."        

My lawyer has sent a letter to Walmart on my behalf.