The Exposure Therapy project uses nipple stickers to fight for women’s equality.

I started the Exposure Therapy project in 2017 out of frustration with the way my body was being treated in America. I use the female body in my artwork, in a completely non-sexual way. When I tried to get my work printed, I was often refused service or even at times loudly shamed in front of other customers for submitting “pornography”. When I pressed for a reason for this categorization, I always received the same answer:  “it shows your nipples.”

I find it so troubling that I was being body-shamed when my only offense was being a woman. 

The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous the situation seemed. I wanted to find a way to expose the hypocrisy— to fight against the double-standard and empower others to do the same. I also wanted the project to be fun, innocent, and inclusive. What could satisfy these needs better than stickers? 

Find out more about the project and order your stickers to join the movement at EXPOSURETHERAPYPROJECT.COM

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